How To Make A Zipper Slider Zipper (fastener) is small as YKK said”Little parts,Big difference”. As accesories for zipper,Slider is more smaller,but the same not easy to produce and can make zipper in big difference.There are so many kinds zipper sliders,here introduce the machines to produce non lock zipper slider in zinc material(As Pic Shows). […]

Kinghua Zipper Slider Machine KINGHUA MACHINE TECH is the company to supply whole factory machines for zipper slider machines and molds.We have 15years experience in zipper slider machines and molds industry.

Zipper slider instructure: Depend on different useful,size,material,there are many kinds sliders.The same way has many different kinds machines to make different zipper slider.Here introduce few kinds slider instructure: 1.Auto lock slider: is structured by slider body, pull tab(puller) two parts.Normal used for bags,bedding bag,pillowcase,luggage…nylon zipper in different size 3#,5#,8#,10# 2.Auto Lock Zipper Slider: includes slider […]

HOW DIE CASTING MACHINE  PRODUCE ZIPPER SLIDER KTECH here show the viedo how die casting machine produce zipper slider body,puller,cap,etc component. Process: 1.Install zipper slider mold properly.Zipper slider mold include body mold,puller mold,cap mold,one machine one time can just install one set mold of them.So for big quantity manufacturer,they have normally 20sets machines for different […]

Make zipper slider plating       —–Explain how to plate zipper slider Doing treatment for zinc zipper slider is very important process for finished slider.Here introduce 3 kinds methods for slider treatment,including: 1.Painting, finish this process by painting machine or manual painting gun.Raw material is paint in different colors as required.If do manual paiting by painting […]