Zipper slider instructure:

Depend on different useful,size,material,there are many kinds sliders.The same way has many different kinds machines to make different zipper slider.Here introduce few kinds slider instructure:

1.Auto lock slider: is structured by slider body, pull tab(puller) two parts.Normal used for bags,bedding bag,pillowcase,luggage…nylon zipper in different size 3#,5#,8#,10#

non lock slider

2.Auto Lock Zipper Slider: includes slider body, crown (cap with spring),hook(lock pin), pull tab(puller) 5 parts.Normal used for garments,shoes,etc.For different size nylon zipper, plastic zipper,metal zipper,the same as slider has size in 3#,5#,8#,10#.

auto lock zipper slider

3.YG zipper slider: Special kind slider for metal zipper.Mostly used for Jeans in metal zipper(cooper material), sport garment in nylon zipper(Zinc material).

YG slider

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