Make zipper slider plating

      —–Explain how to plate zipper slider

Doing treatment for zinc zipper slider is very important process for finished slider.Here introduce 3 kinds methods for slider treatment,including:

1.Painting, finish this process by painting machine or manual painting gun.Raw material is paint in different colors as required.If do manual paiting by painting gun,need another oven to dry the slider.Now almost all factories use the Auto painting machine which can paint automaticly with drying function.Painting slider mostly for nylon zipper sliders,some for vislon/plastic zipper sliders. The defect of painting slider, it is easy to peel paint and damage when slider mounting or long time using.

2.Electrophoresis, need whole set equipment to finish it.The raw material is the same color paint but special process.After cleaning the sliders, hang the sliders into the hanger (special for slider) piece by piece. Then wash by pure water. Put hangers with sliders into the electrophoresis chamber.In this chamber, sliders will get color and paint.Few seconds later, take sliders out from the eclectrophoresis chamber and put into oven.Sure,all process will be continue,and smooth.No need to finish all by hand.So this process is better than only painting.

3.Electric plating, more and more sliders are produced by this process.It has 2 ways: one way called rolling plating, the other is hanging plating which use the same material: chemical water (mixed by many different chemical in certain proportion for different plating).Rolling type plating use the rolling plating machine,just put sliders into rolling drum with chemical water.Hanging type plaiting, hang slider into hanger same as electrophoresis.Then put hanger into plating equipment.In the market, price of hanger type plating sliders is more higher than rolling plating.Why?The reason is that hanging type plating do thicker plating than rolling type and more equal, strong.

And eletric plating is widely for metal zipper slider because of it is high cost.The slider by electric plating is more shine, smooth.But can not provide so much different color as painting and electrophoresis.

Now,you can see,everything has their advantage and shortages.Jut choose the way suitable for you and use its advantages to cover the shortages.So please choose your way to make zipper slider plating.


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