Slider Die Casting Molds

slider die casting molds

Zipper Slider Die Casting Molds

(For zinc alloy/ zamake slider)

Zipper sliders have difference by different material,size and for different kinds zippers. Zinc alloy slider is the mostly common one. To make this zinc alloy slider, the basic machine used is die casting machine in hot chamber. Normally use in 12ton, 18ton, 20ton, 25ton to produce this kind small handware. The same machine can produce slider components as: slider body, puller, cap, pin and box by changing related molds/dies.

More information for die casting machine,please check:

Different size for slider to match different size zipper, so as the same, different slider design and szie making, need different molds. Sometimes, body molds is certain, but the puller molds, huge varies exsist.

If same size of slider body, can do just change the body insert to show different LOGO.But puller molds, as too many design required, it is not not good way to change whole molds for each design, just change the puller insert is ok. And keep mold housing the same size. Slider cap molds just for auto lock slider.

Kinghua zipper machine company can supply CAD according client’s demands. You can mark your LOGO, change to your weight, your size.

slider die casting molds

slider die casting molds

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